A kitchen remodel can be both the most sought after and feared home renovation project at the same time. You’ve walked into your old and outdated kitchen every day for years, dreaming of what you would do if you could tear it down and make it the kitchen of your dreams. Beautiful custom cabinets, granite countertops cool the touch, dazzling backsplash perfectly bringing the two together. Don’t forget about that big kitchen island with a one of a kind marble slab, the show-off piece. And how about end appliances that not only look great, but seriously up your chef game? 

And now we get to the ‘fear’ part. What’s all of this going to cost? Well, this of course depends on how much you change and what materials you choose. In Los Angeles, the average cost of a major kitchen remodel can range between $40,000 – $90,000, while a minor kitchen remodel hovers somewhere around $20,000. Again, these numbers can fluctuate depending on floor plans, materials and appliances. Many people are shocked when they learn what a quality remodel can cost and can be scared off. However, there’s a silver lining amongst these numbers. Home Advisor says that the national average of an increased market value of a home can be up to 80% of major construction costs of a kitchen remodel. And even better for Los Angeles homeowners, who can see up to 96% cost recovery of major construction! This certainly gives strength to the saying that “a kitchen sells a house.” 

So if you’re going to go through a kitchen remodel and about 6-8 weeks of construction, you should make it worthwhile and invest in quality materials and installation. With professional and well done installation taking up about 18% of your budget, let’s take a look at the other top budget contenders and materials:



A tell-tale sign of an outdated kitchen is its cabinets. People want fresh, modern, and custom kitchen cabinets. On average, homeowners have reported after cost breakdown that about 30% of their renovation budget went into quality custom cabinetry and hardware. 


Aesthetics has entered the chat. Meaning the look of a countertop is now just as important as its function. With many options including quartz, granite, marble, wood, stainless steel and more, you can expect the countertops to account for about 10% of your budget. 


New kitchen appliances are an absolute must in a remodel, and quality appliances and proper ventilation can take about 15% of the budget. While stainless steel is still the top choice for most remodels, you can go custom and have appliances that match cabinetry for a more uniform look that flows. 

While you can definitely save some money on newer and more budget-friendly materials that are now available on the market, a more high-end and quality kitchen remodel is going to prove the old adage that “you get what you pay for.” So our advice is to have a realistic budget for what you’re wanting to improve and update the most. Budgeting and planning with your contractor can also help with avoiding any confusions or misunderstandings on what your expectations are.