As we enter a brand new year, let us all collectively pat ourselves on the back for surviving the previous one that felt like a decade, yet somehow was here and gone in the blink of an eye. A new year brings hope, change, renewal — a metaphorical blank canvas. In the beginning, the stark white space on that canvas can be intimidating, waiting for your first brush stroke to see where this is going. Every artist is different, with some being abstract and bold, and others more muted and minimalist; their common thread being “to each their own.” This philosophy is just as important when it comes to remodeling the space in which you live. The one you’ve spent a lot more time in recently, making you realize just how important it is to feel good when you’re there. 

We’re going to talk about and show how color can work in different ways in your remodeling choices, whether it’s ‘in your face’ obvious, or a small subtle detail. I would first like to make clear that color does not have to mean “bright and loud,” please remember that white and black, are indeed, colors. And so are over 1,000 others available in the Pantone wheelhouse. No longer do we have to settle for Beige, when we now have access to “Buttercream.” You get my drift…ok so let’s have some fun, or not, with color.


If you’re not afraid of the dark, then let’s bring that to light. A bold and rich accent wall can be the spark to your expressions of luxury. Jewel toned colors are very complimentary to both an earthy wood material, and more modern-driven materials such as marble or tile. This makes it easy to incorporate some lavish coloring into your personal aesthetic. 


For those who are hesitant to go with a bright or distinct color, yet want the visual effect of not being boring, we suggest something like this beautiful multicolor tile work in black, white, and shades of grey. This is a great way to make a statement while sticking to your monochromatic truth. These colors work naturally well for a bathroom remodel with a modern design. We love the continuity of the same tiles being used for the floor and adjoining wall, for a look that showcases a little drama and nonconformity. 


When you want to achieve an open and airy space that’s light and bright but don’t want to settle for all white, look for a ‘softer’ tone of a color you love. The muted grey chosen for the cabinets and island of this remodeled kitchen is the foundation of what brings the entire open-space floor plan together. Light colors make it easy for you to mix and match various materials and textures, while still accomplishing a cohesive flow.


We mustn’t forget the outside, for it is curb appeal that is the first impression. It’s a little more difficult to incorporate color into exterior remodeling. Most people prefer a clean and consistent design of the outside of their home, unless you’re the random free spirit with the purple house on the street with no HOA. We do see brightly colored front doors with mid century modern designs, and if done well within its surroundings, this is a fun way to brighten things up. However, if you want to stick to neutral but also want ‘new,” a mixture of contemporary and modern farmhouse is a big design hit and trend, especially in Los Angeles. The cleanliness of white accentuated by pops of black trimming is both striking and subtle. The organic wood underlining of the framing and matching garage door grounds the home. This is how you can do color — without doing color. An added element of brightness is in the landscaping. Artificial grass is not only perfectly green year-round, but it’s environmentally friendly and cost-conscious, as it saves water. 

We hope these ideas have inspired you to think outside the box and prove that you don’t have to color within the lines when it comes to home remodeling. Here’s to a colorful new year ahead!



By Tania Mahmoudpour