The bathroom is now dead even with kitchens for most popular renovation and remodel. It’s no real wonder why, though. Bathrooms are used as often as the kitchen, but they also provide space for a nice, quiet moment to yourself. Unless you the mother of small children then you never know a moment’s peace. While we can’t help your children, we can give you a little insight into some of the top trends in bathrooms. Whether you’re choosing to tackle that tiny little en suite or going for the gold with a hardcore master bath renovation, we’ve got the know-how to make it all work for you with flair. 

Small Scale

Let’s start small and build from there. The en suite is often forgotten about because it can only do two things; take care of business and clean up afterwards. They’re also, on average, incredibly small spaces with only enough room to sit comfortably on your porcelain throne. It makes sense that you wouldn’t put a whole lot of time and attention into this water closet. Well, we’re inviting you to kick that notion to the curb and indulge in a little decorative TLC.

Bold Print Accent Wallpaper:

bathroom wallpaper

You wouldn’t think small rooms do well with large patterns, because they’re so small. But actually that’s what makes them perfect for those loud prints. You know the ones that grab your attention and say something. You’re only papering one wall, so it’s a small enough dose to be able to appreciate and enjoy it without getting overwhelmed by it. In fact, pick an expansive print and it’ll even make your bathroom feel bigger.

Statement Pieces:

Mirrors, artwork, lighting fixtures or your vanity… use them to make a statement. Similar to the large print, bold pieces such as these stand out and make your bathroom feel larger without having to add any space. Pick one or two things like an authentic vintage hutch for a vanity with an equally chic vintage mirror, and place them up against your accent wall. The rest will take care of itself. 

Large Scale

Many of these things can also be applied to the smaller, en suite type of bathroom, as well. We’re going to turn our focus now to the full package. Bathtubs, showers, double sinks, and more will need to be brought together in harmony with these trends.

Natural Materials:

bathroom plants

Perhaps it’s because we keep creeping further and further into the future and ingrained in technology, and perhaps it’s because the bathroom is where we refresh ourselves with a nice hot soak or shower, but bringing the outdoors in is all the rage this year. It also makes for some stunning design. Mix it up! Marble and wood flow together for a sleek finish. 

Neutral Palette:

Trends are going to come and go, but when something is timeless it’s pretty safe to say that it’s here to stay. One design trend that falls into that category: neutrals. The wonderful thing about neutrals is that they appear in nature. Meaning you can combine a few of these trends to create a gorgeous, lasting look.

Exposed Plumbing:

Art Deco and vintage continue to be driving influences in style and design. The perfect way to implement this style is exposed plumbing. Copper and brass pipes are simple, industrial. They also look exquisite next to white marble. Opposites attract, right?