Space. One of the number one issues every homeowner faces. Let’s be real. There’s just never enough space for all your things. Hopefully you’re not a borderline hoarder who can’t seem to let things go. But even if you do practice Sparking Joy in your home every few seasons, there’s still an issue of where to store all your things. Before you rush off to rent a bulldozer and start knocking down walls to expand outward, try these tricks and tips to working with what you’ve got.


With our cell phones being capable of doing pretty much anything from turning on lights inside the house, to providing hours of binge-worthy entertainment with Netflix it’s no surprise that everything is being made multi-purpose. Furniture is the first place you should look for additional storage. Bed frames with drawers built in to their base is the perfect place to house seasonal clothing that isn’t always in use. An ottoman with deep inner storage is perfect for toys or blankets to keep things easily accessible and your room less cluttered. 


Shelves (not the hanging kind, we’ll get to that) help you take advantage of your vertical real estate. You may not be able to expand outward, but there’s likely tons of space above the floor and between shelves in your cabinets. Shelf racks (wire or wood) strategically placed in cabinets or closets allow you stack things like coffee mugs, shoes, towels and bags. 


Not just a place to hang artwork. Your walls are a wealth of storage space. For smaller space, line the walls with shelves up near the ceiling to replace your floor hogging book cases. Shelves up towards the ceiling draw the eyes up and make a small space seem larger. Small hooks next to your front door are the perfect space for keys and bags keeping them off the floor and at eye level so you never leave them behind. You can hang shelves on the wall above your desk to keep your work space clear of clutter.


Place smaller items in decorative bins made from canvas or whicker to keep clutter to a minimum. If your bed frame doesn’t come with storage, bins underneath the bed will serve the same purpose. Even if it’s a larger bin for yoga mats and sweat towels on the floor, it takes up minimal space and provides decorative flair and a confined area for your workout gear.

Recessed Storage

You can build more storage into your home without expanding out. Recessed storage like bookcases or knee-drawers make use of the space between your interior and exterior walls. This type of storage requires a little building, but can be used in any room where there is enough space between walls. 

Closet Alterations

Sometimes making your closets more functional is a simple matter of reconfiguring the layout of them. Instead of the traditional single bar sitting at eye level, take advantage of your vertical space and add a bar higher up for longer dresses and trousers and a lower bar for blouses and blazers. Building shelves into one side of your closets for shoes and bags will also keep things off the dusty floor and help you better organize. 

Spark Joy

If all else fails, it’s time to Kon-Marie your life. Extra storage space is wonderful, and when your house is extremely lacking in that arena it can be a good investment to build a little more storage into your house. But building extra storage to house all the things you’ve accumulated over the years is not. Let go of the things that no longer bring you joy and free up some space without purchasing a single item.