If there’s one design trend of 2019 we can totally jump on board with, it’s the statement piece. Perhaps this trend sprang from a growing need to make a statement that cuts through the noise and chaos of the world, perhaps we have social media to blame. Honestly, we’re not sure where the trend came from, we’re just happy it’s here.

Statement pieces are showstoppers. They command any room in which they reside. They also make way for more simplicity and less clutter in your home. But what are statement pieces? Just about anything, really.


Let’s start with the most obvious. Art inherently makes a statement. It’s that statement that draws us to the work in the first place. Those statements are almost always up for interpretation, but one thing remains true, it’s eye catching and unavoidable. A statement piece of art is large in scale and bold in its colors and content. Maximalist artwork provides the boldest of statements. In direct contrast to minimalism, maximalism contains intricate patterns and a mix of textures and mediums. 

A few years back the trend in homes was to create a hodge-podge of hanging decor with photos in mismatched frames, sizes, colors, and other quirky wall mounted items like gold-plated animal busts. But this idea has been refined with the use of a singular maximalist statement of art. Since it’s art, this type of statement can be made in any room and it will work.


Of all the fabrics you never thought would see the light of day again, velvet is probably up there with shag and pleather. However, retro is in this season and with it, velvet. An extravagant sofa in vibrant royal blue velvet with gold velvet pillows to accent instantly becomes the centerpiece of your living room. Strip down the fuss of a bedroom suit and opt for a luxurious tufted velvet headboard in rich jewel tones. In this case, the size of your headboard doesn’t have to be limited to the size of your bed. Let it expand the length of the wall for that something extra your room’s been longing for.

If you’re more of a chair person, a set of vibrant fire orange chairs in a grayscale living or dining room electrify the space without overcomplicating issues. This tantalizing set of chairs electrifies the senses and captivates any audience.

Small Spaces

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you’ve got a small space, a large dramatic statement piece can actually make your room feel larger. Take that tiny en suite you’ve got. You could overload it with soaps and decorative rocks. Or you could find a sassy gilded mirror that looks like a magic doorway into Gatsby’s mansion and focus the attention on one attraction and not how much tiny stuff you can cram into a tiny room. If you can’t find that perfect vintage mirror, a bold floral print wallpaper on an accent wall will do the trick. Floral patterns are making a comeback and the larger you can go with the pattern, the better statement you’ll make.

It might seem like loud statement pieces are only going to overwhelm a room, but they do quite the opposite. Statement pieces captivate the attention so the rest of your room’s decor can compliment what’s at work. Whereas minimalism is the extreme of simplicity (bordering on boring), statement pieces bring the right amount of drama to a room without over stimulation. So what’s your statement going to be?