New year, new you, new color to obsess over. Last year we saw Living Coral stirring joy in our lives. The year before that was electric with Ultra Violet. This year, it’s back to basics with a color almost everyone can get behind: Classic Blue. The colors of the recent past have certainly had their place in marketing and design, but not everyone loves a loud and funky green or purple. Blues, on the other hand, are universally calming, inviting, and give folks a sense of trust. This particular hue of blue is right on the money, too. Not too bright, not too dark. Mellow. Just what we need in these chaotic times. Best of all, this color is the perfect addition to your home. 

Big And Bold

If you’re itching to redecorate your bedroom, bathroom, office, living room, kitchen, any part of the home, you can slap this color up on the walls for a fresh new look that won’t overwhelm the senses. As it sits a little on the darker side, this warm and welcoming shade of blue goes beautifully in large or small rooms. Whether you choose paint or patterned wallpaper, this color choice is hard to beat.

You can also opt for furniture in this classy shade. Couches, chairs, or headboards will wear this color well. Velvet is still enjoying its time in the limelight and Classic Blue is a match made in heaven with this textile. If your furniture is all still in mint condition, swap out your artwork for a statement piece with this rich color at its core.

Complimentary Colors

Blue isn’t just a beautiful, natural color that appeals to the masses. It also goes well with a variety of colors and materials. The days of all-white kitchens are numbered. A blue backsplash between white cabinets will pop with a Mediterreanean mood. Blue and gold evoke a regal appeal. Mixing materials such as natural white marble, gold metals and the earthly blue color is a sophisticated look fitting for any room. While Classic Blue is on the more muted side, paired with a dark natural wood it balances brilliantly. 


The simplest way to implement the color of the year into your home life is on a small scale. Accents in your home, such as rugs, pillows, or curtains can be swapped out at little cost. If it’s time for a new set of linens, be it sheets or towels you can’t really go wrong with Pantone’s Classic Blue. Dishes and tea towels are the perfect little touch in your kitchen. Even something as small as blue handles and knobs for your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom creates a subtle, yet stunning shift in the room’s decor. 

Take It With You

As always, you can also bring this color into your routine life in the little ways with clothing, accessories, and the like. A brand new coffee tumbler or water canteen not only saves our blue planet, but allows you to literally carry this color with you wherever you go. If you’re the organized type, choose a planner that features Classic Blue in its design. A new yoga mat not only helps you keep your resolution to be more fit, but calms you even further with this tranquil color. 

While there’s no escaping the stresses of the world (can you say, Presidential Election?) these are some ways you can introduce this relaxing color into your home and life to bring about a little more serenity to still your spirits.