Having an en suite in your home is precious real estate. It’s basically a designated guest bathroom without the shower. In many cases, they definitely live up to their nickname of “water closet” because they’re usually quite small; unless they’re combined with the laundry room, but even then, it’s not the same size as a full bathroom with shower/tub and toilet and sink. These private spaces can feel very intimate due to their smaller nature. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it pop with decor and thought. In fact, en suites are more flexible in what you can do with the decor, specifically the walls, because there’s a lot less moisture in the air. Follow us into a deep dive on creative ways to pump a little extra life into your powder room and take it from Blah to Ahhh!


This is perhaps where you have the most freedom in terms of decorating. Showers and baths create a lot of steam and humidity. Sinks and toilets, not so much. Why do we mention this? Well, options like wallpaper and paint are completely impractical in a bathroom where bathing occurs. You’re better off choosing an option like smooth concrete or tile floor to ceiling. These materials handle moisture better. But unless you’re staining the concrete or choose a rich terracotta colored tile, you end up with a more bland color pallette (nothing wrong with that either as you can accent with cabinetry towels, bath mats, and art, but in comparison the color of your floors and walls overpower these smaller items). Wallpaper and paint provide more options, however they peel or chip in such settings. This is how you can use it in an en suite:

Wallpaper – What’s lovely about this option in an en suite in particular is you can give the small room a bigger feel. Large, bold floral print wallpaper on an accent wall – perhaps behind your sink – gives the illusion of having more space than actually exists.

Paint – Because this is a smaller space, you can go as bold as you like with your color choice and it will make a huge impact without being overwhelming. You could even opt to paint a chevron pattern on your ceiling to draw the eyes up, which also gives a small room a big feel appeal. 


En suites are just a toilet and a sink; all you really need is extra toilet paper, some hand towels, and hand soap refill. In other words, you don’t need as much storage space as in your full bathroom. This gives you more creative wiggle room in cabinetry. You could keep it super simple and sleek with a pedestal sink. Did you recently find a gorgeous vintage wooden vanity at an estate sale? Use this in lieu of traditional cabinets. A high-end decorative sink, like a deep porcelain or textured metal basin will contrast beautifully with the craftsmanship of a wooden piece and its ornate carved design. The top of the piece can easily be converted to accommodate the pipes for the sink. 


This is a very broad term extending to the actual art that you hang on the walls as well as knick-knacks, soap and trash can sets, and vases for silk or fresh flowers. The thing to remember is color and texture. Sticking with a minimalist theme? Perfect. These two elements become even more important when working on a singular color scale. Modern yet perpetually in style, a white/black/gray palette goes with everything (so you could introduce a pop of color with photography or painting) and will always be current.

When it comes to creating a cozy space for such intimate business, the en suite is the perfect canvas to express yourself. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to make bold choices. The function of this room lends itself to all possibilities.