There’s a special kind of strategy that comes with planning your home improvements. Renovations take a lot of time and money that you won’t see a major return on until you sell your house. Because of this, there needs to be serious issues with the function of the room you’re renovating to justify the huge endeavor. Remodeling, on the other hand, can be done over a regular weekend. You can always change the color of your walls. New fixtures or accessories in any room can be added as the mood strikes. But if you want to take on a slightly bigger project, but still keep it in a modest price range, there’s one room that will return 100-fold of the investment that’s made: the bathroom. Read on for our best ideas in minor bathroom remodels to give your home a new look and some added value. 

What Constitutes Minor?

Great question. Minor means you’re keeping it real low key. You can make some major changes and still be in the “minor” arena, but you’re only going to make one (maybe two) major change(s) to the room itself. These major changes could be to the floors, cabinets, or counters. Typically things that just cost more because there’s more area to cover with these more expensive materials. Outside of that one major shake up, there’s still a lot you can do, cosmetically. 

Large Scale

Let’s look closer at these larger projects that still fit within a minor remodel. Floors are a great upgrade for any bathroom. Wood floors create a natural ambience that ups the spa-feel to your bathroom. Tile will always win out in a bathroom because of its resiliency, especially in the bathroom where there’s tons of moisture. You can even tile up the walls and add more durability as well as style to the room. Most bathrooms aren’t as large as a kitchen, so replacing the floors is a moderately priced project with great return.

Refacing your cabinets is another larger project worth the investment. You could paint the cabinets, but they’ll still look weathered and worn. New cabinet facing isn’t the same as having custom cabinets installed, so the cost is much friendlier. 

Aside from replacing the major fixtures of your bathroom (new tub, toilet, sink) countertops are the last big upgrade available. Again, it’s typically a smaller size than your kitchen, so you could spring for the marble countertops and still only spend a modest amount. Choosing one of two of these areas to remodel will raise the price tag, but still return the entire investment.

Small Scale

There’s always paint. We wouldn’t recommend wallpapering a full bathroom since showers create a lot of humidity, paper’s arch nemesis. But if you’re working on an en suite, with just a toilet and sink, then wallpaper to your heart’s content. Large floral prints are in this year and do a wonderful job of making a smaller room like an en suite seem bigger than it is.

Simple fixture replacements like knobs and handles on your cabinets and drawers can be done in the span of an hour. New lighting fixtures and a mirror are another set of easy transformations. Faucets for the sink and shower can be replaced by you or a professional. If you go this route, you can opt for an energy efficient model. Another trendy fix for smaller bathrooms is an open shower. One large, single pane of glass that covers the splash zone from the shower head is all that’s installed to create a classy look that frees up space and makes the room appear larger. And of course, how you decorate with towels, dispensers, and knick-knacks tie it all together for a beautiful finished new room.

You don’t have to trash everything and start fresh from scratch to add value and style to your home. Small, simple fixes are the sweetest thing for minor bathroom remodels.