It’s common to consider renovations for the purpose of increasing the function of your home. For this reason, bathrooms and kitchens hold the top spots for most popular renovations. We don’t often think about the bedroom because of necessity. But in this age of increasing chaos it’s important to consider creating a space of sanctuary for yourself and there’s no better place to do this than in the master bedroom.

There are some do’s and don’ts pertaining to master bedroom renovations as it’s not just a matter of giving yourself more space. For some people there’s a need for change on a mental or emotional level. For others it’s about accessibility as your grow older in your home; preparation for the future. For your consideration, here are some tips for how to remodel a master bedroom suite that will bring peace and tranquility as well as a return value of up to 80% on your investment.

The Right Kind Of Space

Your bedroom should be a haven. With that in mind it isn’t just about adding square footage to fit more stuff in there, it’s how the added room is utilized to serve you. Don’t just give yourself more space, join the master bed with a new bathroom and walk-in closet. Built in storage for your closet and bathroom has huge appeal as it allows you to contain all your personal items without taking up valuable floor space with dressers or a chest-of-drawers.

For an upscale and attractive bathroom, separate the shower and tub. Whether or not you fancy a jacuzzi tub or shower with multiple heads is up to you. But if you’re heading into your golden years, making these features easy to access only increases its value as it becomes a viable option for any person of any age or ability. It’s common in bathrooms to install an open shower where instead of full doors that close, there’s a large pane of glass that covers splash zones from the shower, but can be entered into by literally anyone.

Creating The Best Ambience

It’s your bedroom. Your escape from the crazy world of deadlines and discord. It’s important to remember that you want a space that is both welcoming and calming and leaves stress behind. Curate this gentle atmosphere with a new set of windows that are larger and let in more natural light. While you’re updating the window space, consider an energy efficient model that will also help control the temperature of your room and reduce your energy bills. You can always pair them with a lovely set of sheer decorative curtains for the middle of the day, and a set of blackout curtains to keep the sun out when you need a good nap or want to snooze past that pesky alarm.

Leave your work outside and opt for a cozy corner area instead. If you want or need a home office of any sort it can be put into almost any other room than your bedroom. Tangling the two together doesn’t allow you to disconnect from those work tasks and this suite is about relaxing and turning off that side of your brain. Instead a meditation or reading corner with the right cozy seating (large lounging pillows, a chaise, or comfy chair with ottoman) where you can return to a place of joy is your best option to maintain that feeling of momentary escape.

Whether you simply need a change or you’re planning for the future or you want more out of your personal space, sticking to these guidelines will help you remodel your bedroom to a thing of beauty. You’ll have more space that fits the right kind of needs and allow you to unplug and reset when you need it most.