It’s that time. Time to upgrade your master bath situation. You’ve dealt with the old, shabby and peeling wallpaper from the 70s for long enough. Time to bring this water closet fully into the now and future. But where do you begin? It’s a fairly utilitarian type of room. It serves a very basic and necessary function. It’s probably the most used room of any house. What more could it need than a bathtub, a shower, a toilet, and a sink?

Fair assessment. But this is the master bathroom we’re talking about. This is your own private haven of peace and tranquility. Unless you’re the mother of small children then you never get a moment’s peace. (Sorry, can’t fix that. Wish we could!) In your upgrades, why not turn this functional space into something special. Follow along for some inspiration to take your master bathroom from drab to fab.

The Space

Let’s start with the basics. If your bathroom connects to the master bedroom and you’re unable to expand out, consider a reconfiguration of the two rooms. Spacious master bedrooms are wonderful, but more often than not all that extra space goes wasted. You might be able to arrange a seating area for television or plain lounging. You could add a desk and create an office, but then you’ve got your work in the bedroom and those are two things you just don’t want to mix. 

If your master bath falls on the small side, but there’s more than enough room in the bedroom, shifting some walls around is a great route to take. In this case, you can add room to your bathroom to house a separate shower and tub, a nice double sink and vanity for you and your beloved, even a walk-in closet or other fancy features. 


Yes, tech is wide-reaching and making its way into every facet of our lives. Why not bring it into the bathroom? Well, it’s already been brought. Everything from toilets, showers, and stand alone tubs are being made with hi-tech features such as seat warmers and LED lighting on toilets, and showers with bluetooth capabilities. Take it a step further and create your own spa with a warming drawer for your towels and a refrigerated cabinet to keep medicines and natural beauty products (and a little bubbly) cool and in an easily accessible spot. No more going to the kitchen to get your fancy face mask! 

Tech isn’t just about luxury either. Tech continues to be at the forefront of going green. Faucets with low flow, even programmable settings for things like teeth brushing, and shower accessories like the Water Pebble help you waste less water. Infrared technology can turn faucets on and off without the use of hands. 


Whether you’re plain and simple and prefer the utilitarian feel of sleek concrete, copper, and glass or your want an all out Tuscan spa retreat in your home, there’s no shortage of ways you can go with your master bath style. You obviously want it to flow with the rest of the house, but don’t be afraid to make bold choices in your bathroom either. Just because this room is more about function doesn’t mean the form has to be boring. Take a risk with a stand alone Japanese soaking tub and an open shower. Then add your decorative flair to the rest of the room the same way you would in any other room of the house.

The final line you want to meet is the harmony of luxury and utility. After a long and stressful day, slipping off to solitude in the comfort of your master bathroom is the best remedy for getting your cares and woes to simply melt away and slip deftly down the drain.