When folks talk about making a great first impression with your home, more often than not, you’ll be directed towards landscaping advice. Granted, it is what people see before any other part of the home, the fact remains that once they enter the door of your home, there’s one more chance to make a great first impression: the entryway.

And let’s be real here, the entryway is all too often completely neglected. It doesn’t serve the same type of purpose as a kitchen or bathroom. Yet, at the same time, without a good entryway, your dining room table becomes the collector of all junk from your return home. Don’t lie. (We do it too.) These are our top tips for creating an entryway that wows and works at its best for you.

Let’s just spill the tea now, okay? A little drama in your entryway (vaulted ceilings, a mural on the wall, elaborate architectural designs) goes a long way. Arches all throughout the house are out, but a well placed arch in your entryway brings that classic beauty without being cliché. This room sets the tone for the rest of the house. Like a well-composed fugue, providing the overall theme of your house right up front is the best foot to start on.

Being the entrance to you home, think of how it frames the rest of the house. Got a modern home with a gorgeous backyard? Construct an entryway that frames the view from the inside out, front to back. Love to entertain? Frame up your living room to showcase your open and inviting atmosphere.

Focal Point
If you prefer a more subtle approach, choose one element to really stand out amongst the crowd. Doors serve a very necessary purpose in the home. But you can most certainly find a front door that is just as intricately designed and captivating as it is functional.

Speaking of function, now down to the brass tax. Fear not. We aren’t leaving creativity far behind. But now let’s focus on ways to make your space as perfectly functional as it is visually stunning. As we mentioned earlier, this is the first room of your house, whatever you carry in with you from the day needs to be set down. You may have a no shoes in the house policy. You might have school aged kids who can barely be asked to carry their backpacks inside, let alone put them away. Having a working space with the right kind of storage options is just as important as creating a work of design art.

There are a few ways you can achieve this goal. First, you can find the perfect piece of furniture to serve the needs of your coming home routine. This allows you a lot of freedom and an opportunity to hunt for the most unique, and beautiful functioning addition to your home. Whether it’s a large hutch that includes cabinets, drawers, and some hanging space for accessories, or a modest yet attractive table with a decorative bowl for keys, mail, etc. you’re only limited by the choices available to you in stores and from manufacturers.

The other way you can accomplish extravagant design and the perfect functional working space, is by building the perfect working storage space. Customization is in its element here. Whatever your needs, you can construct something to fit it, and you can do it with style. An armoire built into the wall adjacent to the door, complete with a bench for sitting down to take off your shoes, hooks for umbrellas, coats, or bags ticks all the coming home storage boxes without taking up too much extra floor space. Leave it open or mask it with cabinet doors.

With these tips in mind, you can make a grand entryway that includes sensible solutions without lacking in style.