The living room. Central hub for hanging out and relaxing in your home with friends. One of the last rooms to consider for a remodel (unless it has major problems upon moving in) because the main reason people renovate is to increase function and value, and really how much function do you need to increase in a room meant for sitting? Again, if you love the kitchen, love the bedroom, love the bathroom but the living room fails in every expectation when you buy your house then sure, fix that living room up into something you adore. It may come down to a simple moving of wall(s) to increase your space (Simple. Wave your magic wand and poof. Fixed.) but for the most part, updating your living room comes down to design. Here are a few top trends of 2019 to help guide you along the way.

Make A Statement

It’s not just politics where people want bold statements in 2019; it extends to the decor of your home, too. Statement pieces create a sense of drama without overwhelming the senses. Take into consideration these pieces:

Furniture: A large, luxurious tufted couch covered in velvet in rich jewel tones will draw the eye immediately to your main seating piece. If you crave a more communal feel, instead of a couch a set of bold chairs in vivacious reds or oranges will do the trick.

Artwork: In the past, it was kitschy and cute to create a sort of collage of pictures, quotes, and shelves full of knick-knacks. Gone are the days of such eclectic, chaotic decorating. We’re now seeing a more focused approach with large pieces of art (maximalist paintings, photography).

Plants: There’s also a surge in reconnecting to nature and bringing elements of the great outdoors inside, also known as biophilia. Large statement plants like ths Swiss Cheese or Elephant Ear plants at the end of a couch or in a dark corner of your room are the perfect blend for drama and tranquility.

Natural Materials

Moving further towards the desire for a reconnection to nature it isn’t just plants that are making a large appearance in living room design. The types of materials used in furniture and fixtures are also leaning au natural. Marble and wood are more prominent in furniture as well as flooring.

Patterns: Geometric or Curvy

The choice is really up to you, but there’s a fascination with featuring shapes to bring a little dimension to your home. This can be achieved through artwork hung on the walls or accented in lighting fixtures or decorative odds and ends.

Artisan Uniqueness

For a truly personalized and unique element in your living room, it’s time to scour your local artists stores or even commission a piece for your home. A beautiful custom-made wooden table and chairs or coffee table with a one-of-a-kind hanging light fixture above will create a space that is a true expression of you while also supporting your local artistic community.