Every year Pantone color company releases a color of the year. It’s an embodiment of the energy and feeling of the year to come. 2018 saw the vividness of Ultra Violet, but 2019 is all about joviality and life. Living Coral is the color for 2019; chances are you’ve already seen this color featured in advertising, fashion, and design. How does it fit into your home, though? Well, sit back, relax, and read on about the very unique and wonderful ways you can implement this fabulous color of life and elation into your home.

Go Big Or Go Home

Okay, well you’re already at home, but you can go big and bold with the beautiful color in your house. While the popularity of the accent wall is waning, if it fits your style and aesthetic, keep at it. This bright and happy color serves any room in the house well. While jewel tones reign supreme in current design trends – especially in the more intimate setting of a bedroom, per say – injecting this color as an accent wall in your kitchen, living, laundry, or bathroom will bring a spark of joy to the room of your choice. If you find yourself really diggin’ this vibrant hue, instead of an accent wall, splash it all over the room. 

Wallpaper is another creative way to sneak this beautiful shade into your large scale design. Jewel tones might be the big hit of the season, but bold floral print wallpaper is also enjoying some time in the limelight. For a really dramatic affect, a wallpaper that mixes the deep jewel tone of navy blue as the backdrop for a large floral print with pops of living coral flowers like roses, renoncules, or poppies is the perfect blend of both worlds. Bold patterned wallpaper in a smaller room, such as an en suite, adds the right amount of flair without cramping the room. 

Cozy Accents

If you love the color, but aren’t quite ready to commit it to a large painted or papered wall in your living, bedroom or kitchen, then finding subtle ways of adding this color throughout the rooms of your house is the next best step. Accent pillows in your living room against your new amethyst velvet couch is a striking combo. Throws, rugs, or even curtains add texture and light to any room. Lamp shades, picture frames, or a new set of towels for your monochromed bathroom are all brilliant ways to place Living Coral in your home. Dispensers for soaps or kitchen ingredients (cookie and sugar jars, spoon holder, or olive oil) is another great way to not only add a little life to your house, but also go green in the process.

Life Imitates Art

Perhaps the easiest way to add this lively color to your home is by bringing it in with actual living things: flowers. You’ll be going to the grocery store regularly. Let your floral selections this year be guided by the color of the year. Whether it’s roses, daisies, or lilies, the living coral color can be found in any beautiful bloom. Buy as much or as little as you like. A plain glass vase is all you need to showcase this bit of beauty. Not to mention the mental serenity fresh flowers bring.

Showcase the essence of life with this glorious color and bring your home to life with living coral.