All right, 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year so far, but if there’s one lesson that’s stood out to us, it’s how important it is to feel good at home. With so much more time being spent indoors, and not being able to dine out at a restaurant, our kitchens are definitely being put to good use. Whether you’re an experienced cook, or a newbie just figuring out how your oven works, having a beautiful and well functioning kitchen makes the experience of cooking so much more enjoyable. Here are some kitchen remodeling trends we’re seeing a lot of in 2020 and that we think you’ll love!

Mix & Match Metallics


A very general and widely accepted design “rule” is that metals, in regards to finishes and fixtures, should match. While this is the go-to choice for most, as it keeps the space looking coordinated and put-together, there’s nothing wrong with different metallics in different places; and in fact, mixed metals brings a more free-spirited and eclectic vibe to the kitchen, where we normally keep things pretty uniform, and don’t take bold design risks. Go ahead and mix a brass light fixture with a silver matte-finish faucet. Dusted gold handles and knobs would look great shiny chrome off-sets. Matchy-matchy is no longer the reigning rule!

Soapstone Sinks

Behold, the beauty of a durable, yet beautiful soapstone kitchen sink. Soapstone has been used for countertops and sinks for a long time, dating back to the 1800’s. We’re seeing this choice of aesthetic make a huge splash in kitchen remodeling as of late. The go-to pearly white farmhouse kitchen sink has seen its glory days; make room for a show-stopper — with its captivating dark and rich colors, and its smooth, yet impermeable surface. It’s a low-maintenance material and can make any kitchen look updated and modern, while still giving it a natural feel.

Picturesque Pantries

Pantries are no longer just a hidden storage space for your canned beans, chips, cereal and paper towels, they are now a part of the whole design and treated as such! A huge trend in kitchen remodeling is a well spaced and show-off worthy pantry. Walk-in pantries with plenty of shelving and organizational features will have you eager to get your snacks in order, and in style. 

A Royal Range

Bold, rich, and more risk-taking colors seems to be the speed at which design is heading in. One of our favorite trends this year has been to see magnificent and beautiful kitchen ranges in royal blue. This color goes so well with the current trend of light cabinetry, and copper or brass finishes. It’s an unexpected choice, but one that’s met with an appreciation for how well it works, and questions of why color isn’t used more in appliances. 

Butcher Block Countertop

While some may argue that an “expensive” looking kitchen should have marble, granite or quartz countertops, we’d like to humbly disagree. We’re seeing a lot of butcher block countertops pop up all over the kitchen remodeling world. Modern Farmhouse kitchen design makes it so that you can blend all kinds of materials and elements for a truly warm and updated version of the traditional Farmhouse look. Butcher block countertops are a great way to update the look of your kitchen while saving some money. They go so well with sandstone, tile, metallics, and it’s durable. We love the look of butcher block countertops and a kitchen island with a stone surface.