As we settle into the 21st year of the 21st century, I think we should all take a moment to look back on how far we’ve come, how much we’ve overcome, and what there is yet for us  to come upon. 2020 was a hard year. We learned a lot about ourselves, our neighbors, coworkers, friends and family. We learned what it means to band together, even if it means doing so in isolation. We learned how to adapt to life changing in an instant — working from home, schooling from home, cooking and eating at home, playing at home, doing our nails and hair at home…I could keep going, but I don’t think you need me to. 

In learning that sometimes life comes at you hard and the importance of shelter, we’ve come to appreciate these walls surrounding us and the roofs over our heads just a little more personally. We’ve also learned that it might be wise to invest a little in making our homes more comfortable, appealing, and accommodating to our needs. Whether or not we continue some of these at-home changes we’ve all experienced, it’s good to know that it’s doable, and if we’re going to do it, why not create the space that functions and feels best. 

Let’s explore some trends this new year (and new way of life) that are bound to boom in home design and renovation:

The Home Office

These words together have traditionally meant that there was enough space and enough bedrooms available that you could designate the smaller room at the end of the hall as “the office.” The place where you keep an old desk and computer, important documents, maybe an old Encyclopedia collection, and storage for every other random thing in your house that you don’t really need, but won’t get rid of. Now, with the experience of a seemingly perpetual “working from home” necessity for so many of us, we realize the importance of this space. One that is clean, organized, and feels like a place for work, removing you mentally from a state of “being at home.” If you don’t have the option of an entire designated room to transform into a home office, there are ways to designate smaller spaces within your living room, kitchen or even a guest room for a chic, “all business” work corner. 


Multipurpose Kitchen Design

Continuing with our “doing things from home” theme, let’s talk about how your kitchen can be a place that serves more than one purpose. Back on the topic of space, you just may not have it for a home office, or a spot where your kid can do Zoom school. This is where a well-designed kitchen island can not only be a space for prepping, cooking and eating, but functionally supportive of a workstation for you and your kids. Custom built-in shelving allows for storing books, materials, laptops and iPads. Additionally, the convenience of built-in electrical outlets makes for a stress free morning Zoom meeting while the coffee is still brewing. Another trend we’re seeing that’s gaining traction is the workstation sink, which we often see with new kitchen island designs. This multi-functional ledge is built-in to support movable components for cooking and cleaning. So you can chop the onions, drain the pasta, wash the plates AND let them dry all in one convenient spot. 

Big Bathrooms

There’s an uptick of requests for larger bathrooms in home renovations. One of the reasons for more space is that people want larger showers. In a recent bathroom trends study, 40% of homeowners said they want their bathrooms to feel more spa-like, and be a space where they can spend more time relaxing. One of the perks of not having that morning rush to get in your car and drive to the office is you get more time for longer showers, and who wouldn’t want a nice big shower to steam in? Along with the extra foot space, another trend that’s been around but is getting more popular, is the curbless shower, where there’s no barrier between the entrance to the shower and the rest of the bathroom floor. You can choose the same tile to run along the entirety of the floor, or customize for a look of separation. Curbless showers also give the feeling of more space and create a seamless flow.

Outdoor Living

AHI Builders Complete Outdoor Remodel

By now you might have caught on to these current trends in home renovation being featured due to the excess amount of time we’ve been spending at home. If you’re fortunate to have the space, upgrading your backyard and property to accommodate being able to spend quality and comfortable time outside is a great investment. Pergolas and patio covers are a huge request at the moment, and a fairly easy and affordable way to spruce up your yard while also serving the comforts of shade and protection from the elements. Outdoor kitchens have always been popular, but are seeing extra love leading up to the summer months where we all want to hang by the pool and fire up the grill. Having a complete outdoor space where you can lounge, cook, and spend time with friends and family is a luxury worth having. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these handful of home renovation trends and solutions for a time when we all are spending a little more time at home. 






By Tania Mahmoudpour