Deck the halls with boughs of higher bills! It’s surely not news that with the added amount of lights and adornments – and the colder weather – the holidays bring not only joy and merriment, but more expensive overhead with added energy usage. Depending on how much flair you use in your decorating, you can expect to add quite a bit to the tab. But that isn’t the only culprit of the spike in spending. If you’re looking for more ways to save during this festive season, then look no further than these easy energy saving tips.

Incandescent vs LED

This one should be fairly easy to ascertain as the options have been around for a while now. Fortunately, and by nature of the market, they’re fairly competitive in pricing, and the options are just as limitless. In case you’re still hanging on to those massive C9 bulb strings of lights, toss ‘em. One string of 25 costs an extra $15 every 45 days. But that’s just one string. You’ve got multiple. Wanna know how that same string of 25 would cost in LED form? You do. You soooo do. Guess. Just guess. $5? $10? TWENTY-ONE CENTS. Yeah, you read that bold italicized font correctly. Do you need further arguments? Moving on.


Every well-versed holiday decorator knows that the key to saving pennies is setting your lights on a timer. Sure, you could set a reminder on you phone to plug in or unplug the lights. But we’re all only human. Free up some mental energy – and save some money – and get yourself a timer for every set of lights in your house. 

Chargeable Batteries

Fairy lights are popular every time of year, but they’re especially magical during the holidays. You can acquire lights that use batteries (AAs or AAAs) and during the day, when you turn the lights off, you can charge them in their port. Set a reminder to swap them out when you get home, or it gets dark. Similar to switching to all LEDs, the upfront cost will be higher. In the long run, though, you’ll save money. 

Candles And Solar Power Lights

Perhaps it’s the fact that burning candles produces actual fire, but candles are the perfect warm source of light during the holidays. For interior decorations use less lights and more candles. You still get that soft glow but without using any electricity whatsoever. Not to mention, if the power goes out during a winter storm, you won’t be caught in the dark. Solar powered lights are a viable option for exterior lights. They work off the sun’s rays and use zero electricity. 

Warm Your Rooms Wisely

If you happen to be hosting a party, keep the temperature down on a lower setting. The more bodies that file into the room the warmer it’s going to get anyway. If you have a fireplace, light ‘er up! Not only does it keep you cozy and warm, but it provides a breathtaking light source. Charming, to say the least. 

Don’t just deck your halls, but dress your windows as well. Heavier curtains not only provide an extra barrier keeping cold air out, and warm air in, but they can be highly decorative. Invest in a set that functions in and out of the holiday season. Winter happens far beyond the holidays. You can switch them out for a lighter, breezier, spring/summer set when the seasons change.

Any and all of these quick fixes will brighten your holidays and lighten the energy consumption load.