Home renovations and remodels are a costly endeavor. Worth the investment, of course, but there’s little you can do to avoid spending a major chunk of change. Or is there? Home improvement stores abound these days and there’s a YouTube tutorial for any and everything. But does that mean choosing the DIY route is really the way to go? Honestly, it depends on the job. Your level of skill in each area will also factor in as well. But even with years of experience in various projects there are still some home improvement jobs that should be left to the professionals.


Let’s start with the obvious; gas, plumbing, HVAC, and electrics. Basically, any job which requires training and certification for a career leave it to the trained and certified professionals. Aside from the obvious, if you were to attempt one of these jobs and made a mistake then you’re really in a world of hurt. Not only did you end up paying for the supplies for the job, but now you have to pay a professional to fix it, as well.


Ripping up the carpet might be within your reach (have the epsom salts bath ready, you’ll need it) but laying it is another story. Why? There’s an amount of strength needed to actually lay carpet. You don’t want to end up with any bubbles in your carpet and the strength it takes to lay it properly is more than merely ripping it up.

Structural Changes

Opening up that kitchen into the living room? Awesome! But don’t go knocking down walls without supervision. You can hop in with your contractor on the demolition, if you desire, but the last thing you want is to hit a pipe or support beam. Now, you’re not likely to be strong enough to take out a major weight bearing beam, but just like with your utilities you don’t want to have to pay twice for a mistake that could have been avoided by hiring a contractor.


Upgrading to granite, quartz, or marble for your kitchen or bathroom counters? Fabulous. But your kitchen’s dimensions are unique, so wherever you get your countertops you’ll need them measured and cut to fit. The tools to do so are very specific and not something you can just pick up at the general store. Then there’s the weight of these materials. It’s just better to let a team of trained professionals with the right tools to handle this job.

What Can You Do?

A fair few things. Painting immediately pops up into everyone’s head. You can pay for it, sure. But if you’re wanting a quick change or you are looking for ways to save, DIY is the way to go with this project. Click-lock flooring is made with the intention of being installed by homeowners. Demolition of your cabinets can be done by you, but let a skilled carpenter handle the rest. Changing out lighting or plumbing fixtures (new ceiling fan or faucet) are simple dimple and don’t require a pro. If you’re doing a major remodel, consult with your contractor about these smaller jobs as a way to have your cake and eat it too. The one thing you do get with a professional that you don’t get doing it yourself is quality guarantee. Again, some things are meant to be done by the homeowner. When that isn’t the case, though, get it done right the first time and it’ll be the only time you have to tackle the job.