Pros and Cons of Converting Garage to ADU

Before you start hammering your garage– there are some fundamental aspects that American Home Improvement Builders think that you should know for developing your Garage to an Accessory Dwelling Unit.


  • The space in your garage already exists. You don’t need to take any burden to add any room extra area to this garage space.
  • The cost reduction gradually increases as you are just remodeling your existing structure. You have already got a foundation footing, walls and the fifth wall on the top of your head.
  • The addition of an extra room or a bathroom can give up an opportunity for extra income. American Home Improvement builders can change the entire scenario of the building. They can provide you a house from where you can gain a handsome amount of money by allowing someone to take rent.
  • There will be ignorable disruption in your house while the conversion work will be under process. AHI Builders, the most trustworthy ADU contractor of Los Angeles has expert architects who will let you know in detail the consequences of converting garage to ADU.
  • After your parents turn out to be 50 plus in their age, they need their own space. It is always easier for elderly people to live on the main floor or mezzanine floor.
  • After converting your old and haunted garage to a new luxurious ADU- you can set up your own business. People need space where they can work with a high amount of dedication and a soothing working atmosphere.

Cons :

  • Problems may arise from local governmental bodies. According to the norms, there are few strict restrictions that may obstruct you to do the conversion.
  • You need to hire a planning and estimation engineer, who generally charges a lot of money for providing you a design that abides all the rules and regulations stated in codes.
  • Neighbor problems: There are few boundary line restrictions in between your neighbor and your house property line. So once you start expanding your garage space you need to take “Clearance and No objection certificate” from your neighbor.


We recommend seeking assistance from American Home Improvement as they have got plenty of contacts with the higher management of the government of Los Angeles.