It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new year! (And according to some, a new decade, but we’re not about to weigh in on that can of pop-culture worms.) That means it’s time to reevaluate what’s hot and what’s not. If you’ve got a renovation or remodel on your horizon, design is part of your voyage, and knowing what’s in and out will help you make final decisions. This knowledge is especially vital if you’re flipping your space to ready it for the housing market. While you don’t want to lean too far into these trends for selling a house, they can still guide you to make the most appealing choices for your humble abode to match it with potential buyers. 


It isn’t just a fad in our food and clothing choices. All across the spectrum, consumers are looking for products that do not harm the precious earth. Sustainability and ethically sourced materials are very in, right now. Things like rattan and bamboo and hemp are making a major appearance in the very structures we erect (hempcrete) as well as what we fill them with (chairs, floors, rugs). 


Staying in the theme of loving mother earth, there’s more drive to bring elements of nature into the home. Fake plants are rightfully being replaced by the real deal. The lines we see in furniture design and art are mimicking nature and what occurs there. Even down to the color palettes we play on, earthy tones are influencing everything. The industrial look is out as we strive for a closer communion to the natural state of being.

The One And Only You

Obviously, not something you want to put in your soon-to-be former home, but wherever you end up, choosing a decor theme isn’t really a thing anymore. The theme of uniqueness is taking over. We don’t want the cookie-cutter floor models seen in magazines or stores. People are trading uniformity for personality and sentiment. Rooms are being filled with objects that have meaning and express who we are as individuals.

Less Is More

While there’s the desire to express yourself in decorating your room, the rule still stands, less is more. Stuff for Stuff’s sake is still just clutter. Follow the simple rule of no objects smaller than a cantaloupe to help keep things looking intentional and clean. 

Colors Over Neutrals

This can be tricky with a flip-to-sell home, as not every choice will be everyone’s cup of tea. But folks are throwing away the greige in favor of colors. Bold jewel tones in the bedroom create an intimate and cozy appeal. Pink is still in, but the shades will gravitate towards more terra cotta and corals, providing a look that is down to earth.

Ultimately, the home is the haven. We live in a state of perpetual grind. When we return home after a hard day’s work, it should be to a place that calms us, centers us, and creates a feeling of joy when we enter it.