Bathroom trends run the gamut of style in 2019. One element of bathroom trends is towards the spa. Perhaps this is a result of the ever intensifying news cycle, imminent threats on the environment and so on. Whatever the reason, people are looking to bring more comfort and relaxation to their lives and the bathroom is no exception. One way to bring a little more serenity to your life is by stripping it down to the essentials, that extends to your design style. Minimalist design does just that. By simplifying the style, you simplify the space and the stress just melts away. This can be done with a simple palette of black and white or just one color. But how do you stick to the simple things without erring on the side of boring?


Starting with the black and white concept, the most important thing to remember is you aren’t limited to just those two colors. Yes, we’re still keeping it simple and minimal, but you also have the entire gray scale between the black and white ends of the spectrum. Charcoal gray, slate, beachwood, steely silver, gun metal, all these shades harmonize and break of the stark contrast of black and white.

If you’re using one color (let’s say blue) you can slide along the scale of that particular hue. Neutral blues for the walls can be on the light or dark side. Tiles, toilet, sink, and tub can all be made in shades of blue that compliment each other without making it one boring blue room. Or let your color truly pop with the standard white for your plumbing fixtures.

You have the entirety of the room in which to apply various shades of your color from towels and mats to walls, floors, and accessories.


While you’re filling out your bathroom with accessories, think of how you can shake things up via texture. A fluffy faux fur mat in front of the toilet not only feels cozy on your feet, but the texture of the fibers adds some major eye appeal. The type of flooring you choose – wood, marble, cement, tile – has a sheen that creates a little drama without complicating the whole room. Even the types of towels, soap dispensers, and other decorative elements you add can achieve this. Black silk flowers in a studded white ceramic vase is a striking effect that’s neither too boring or too busy. A hanging mirror with a mirrored mosaic patterned frame doesn’t add an extra color, but brings dimension and depth to your sink area.

A Simple Pop of Color

Whether you choose to implement this in a small way (such as the stitching on your hand towels) or a big way (with a large, statement piece of art on the wall) adding a touch of color that’s truly outside your single shade zone just makes the whole thing pop. Again, you’re not over complicating anything, but enhancing the simplicity by offsetting it just enough. If you’re sticking with the Black and White theme, any color will do for you in any capacity. In an all blue bathroom, gold fixtures for the sink and bathtub create a rich feel without dominating the room.

Tying It All Together

What’s wonderful about this minimalist option is that the game becomes less about matching every element and more about complimenting each individual piece to create a cohesive bathroom with luxurious spa appeal. Best of all, with a simple palette you’re able to make bold choices in every element. Simple doesn’t have to mean plain and boring.