One of the first thought-of rooms that most people start with when they get the renovation bug is the bathroom. It can be small, but with great big potential. Bathroom remodels are an upgrade that will even raise your property value. Buyers want to see this update already done when searching to purchase, and on average you’ll recoup about 60% of your investment at resale.

Nobody wants to walk into a bathroom with carpeting, a dingy yellow counter top, flamingo pink tiles, and a swan beveled plastic shower door. Not that there’s anything wrong with flamingo pink, if it’s done right. My point is, old and outdated bathrooms don’t make it fun to be in the bathroom, whether for necessity or leisure. If there’s one guarantee, it’s that the bathroom will be a daily used space in the home! Some people barely use their kitchens, dining rooms, or “fancy” sitting rooms, but the bathroom – you must enter. 

So, this article is going to focus on a specific part of the bathroom renovation: the color palette. We know that with a remodel there will be lots of different decisions to make. What kind of flooring, tiles, lighting, vanity, tub or walk-in shower — or both? All of these choices will be made much easier by knowing what kind of vibe you want to create with the color palette that you choose. With modern trends you will see a lot of bright, clean and airy spaces, giving a luxury spa-like feel. All white flooring and tiles, walls and counter tops, with refined, natural tones brought in with cabinetry and hardware. A sense of brand new and classic charm is a duo that blends well together. Another trend we’ve been seeing that’s making a comeback is the Art Deco design style, which actually brings in color and patterns. Aqua turquoise tile walls, black and white checkered flooring, big round vanity mirrors, and warm gold or copper toned finishes.. It’s not everyone’s aesthetic, but it is a beautiful way to express your more artsy side. 

No matter what design style you want to go with, the focus should be on flow and feeling. A bathroom should offer relaxation, room and cleanliness. Creating this atmosphere has a lot do with the colors you decide on. You can have a small bathroom that feels spacious by choosing lighter colors and materials. You can add depth and character to a larger bathroom by incorporating pops of color and patterns, or contrasting hardware tones. For the most part, people avoid darker colors in the bathroom, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done, and done beautifully. As long as colors and materials are complementary to one another, your palette is your choice. 

So if you’re in the market for a bathroom renovation and remodel, start with thinking about colors. Look at different styles online and think about your own space and what would be most beneficial for it. Once you have a good idea of what you want the color palette to be, you’ll have a much easier time picking out tiles, cabinets, counter tops, hardware, and so on.