In the new year, many homeowners will look to refresh their favorite space in their home – The Kitchen. The new year brought us some vintage design with some refreshing innovative designs.Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or just give it a simple refresh, there is a whole new crop of design trends to consider for 2019.

We listed the top 5 trends for 2019 for you:


1. From White to… Matte Black

All white everything,  right?! wrong! in 2019, it’s all about all black everything. Upgrade the look of your kitchen to the trendiest new style, an all matte black kitchen. We also like this new style because it makes it easier to keep it clean. doesn’t spending less time cleaning sound like a dream?

2. Or Stick With White and Pair it With…

If you aren’t into black, that’s OK. Luckily, white is considered a modern look, especially if it is paired with wood. The old style with the modern style make for a trendy style in 2019. Plus, wood makes the house feel homey!

3. Two Tone Cabinets?

YES! Why go with one color when you can choose two?! Cabinets can really make all the difference, and updating them can really give your kitchen a fresh, new look. You would be surprised how different your kitchen can look from updating just the cabinets!

4. Darker Floors

in 2019, kitchen styles are going from light to dark, as we have seen with the trendy new style of the matte black kitchen. Floors are following the trend too. Less cleaning, remember? Best part about this new trend is you can do both the kitchen and the floors together.

5. Copper Accents

This year, it’s all about copper. Whether it’s copper sink faucet, copper lamps or any type of copper accent, adding copper will help make your kitchen look up to date with style. Copper accents help give your kitchen that pop of color which can really make a huge difference. The contrast in colors help your kitchen look alive, fresh and trendy!

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