With the quarantine and nationwide stay at home orders, many of us have been working from home for the first time in our lives. And while it may be different and not for all, some of us might have even come to realize that it’s not so bad, and perhaps even more conducive to our productivity and overall happiness. If you’re working from home and want to create a dedicated and functioning space for yourself, read below for some suggestions on how you can have your own personal corner office, with a view:

Pick a Spot

For those who don’t need 3 monitors and a huge clunk of a computer to be set up, and can just tap from their laptop at-will from any place, it’s important to to choose a dedicated space that will serve as your “work station.” This keeps a sense of routine and responsibility, helping you focus and prioritize the time being committed to the work that needs to be done. It’s suggested that you refrain from using your bedroom for any type of office or work setting. It’s beneficial to keep work separate from leisure, and keeping electronics out of the bedroom has been highly recommended for a better night’s sleep. If there is no spare room, and you must use the bedroom or a high traffic area in the home, try using a folding wall partition to create some privacy and your own little nook. 

Make it Comfortable

When you worked in the office, chances are you had a desk, a desk chair, a lamp, and the things you needed within reach. Make sure you have the same level of comfort while working from home. Try to have your home working conditions as ergonomic as possible so you don’t injure yourself or feel discomfort while working. Your desk and chair should be the right size and height level for maximum ease while working on the computer or other tasks. Prop a pillow behind your back, stack books underneath the monitor, whatever you need to do to get it just right.  

Set the Vibe

Again, this is your space, so you can make it however you see fit for a perfect WFH (work from home) atmosphere. If you had fun little tchotchkes and pictures of family, or a beloved succulent at the office, set that stuff up at home! Put a calendar on the wall, throw an area rug under the desk, get a cool minimalist modern desk lamp, plop a candle in the corner – whatever you want to recreate the “office vibe,” but this time with your own personal touch.  

Keep it Clean

Albert Einstein famously once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Now, we can point out the obvious insinuation here, but let’s just reconstruct the idea and come up with a solution: keep organized. If you have documents, folders, cords, pens, cards, usb plug-ins and WHATEVER else, just keep them organized and in place. Have a filing cabinet or desktop organizer for all your papers, paperclips, highlighters, etc. Having an organized workspace is not only helpful in keeping track of your work and tasks, but also help to keep your mind from feeling “cluttered.”

We hope these little tips will help you with feeling comfortable, inspired, and productive while working from home. Don’t forget to balance your work day with necessary breaks to stretch out your legs, have your lunch, get a breath of fresh air, and come back to your desk ready to roll.