One of our favorite projects is a bathroom remodel. Gone are the cringey days of uninspired design and materials available based on practicality. We’ve entered a new era where the possibilities of a beautiful and breathtaking bathroom is not only a reality, but a priority. Buyers will balk at an outdated and dingy bathroom when looking to buy a new home; whereas the house with a renovated bathroom will add value to a property, and generally have a return of about 60 -63% on cost, and that number is going up.

Let’s explore some opulent bathroom designs with a range including bold, distinct and modest choices. No matter your personal aesthetic and vision, there’s something for every dream bathroom renovation. 


AHI Builders Bathroom Remodel in Los Angeles, CA

One dominating factor in modern design is the value of space. Not only for the purpose of functionality, storage, and cleanliness, but also a visual impact. Floating vanities are an instant tell that a bathroom has been updated; immediately striking and impressive. With clean and unobstructed lines, it pulls the eye’s focus of this space and presents as a whole, instead of a singular aspect of a mirror, sink and cabinets. 


AHI Builders Bathroom Remodel in La Cañada Flintridge, CA

For the more peculiar and nostalgic design lovers out there, lucky for you that we’ve successfully figured out how to mix the old with the new. If you’re not wild enough to go for a complete rewind, you can choose a few design factors to give the space a little bit of quirk while accomplishing a newly renovated look. We love these gold round metal framed vanity mirrors and horizontal retro-esque wall-mounted lights. The strewn-about touches of gold on the shower finishes and handles keeps the warm vibe flowing. The modern luxury of marble and tile on the walls and shower is a perfect clean canvas for an eye-popping dark blue vanity that stays in theme with this retro-inspired bathroom design.


AHI Builders Bathroom Remodel in West Hollywood, CA

If you are looking for a more bright and earthy feel, this mid century modern inspired vanity is a dream come true for bringing a natural element to a space that requires hard and durable surfaces. The mix of metal, marble and light mahogany blends so beautifully well that it’s hard not to feel bougie and down to earth at the same time in this gorgeous bathroom.


AHI Bathroom Remodel in La Cañada Flintridge, CA

In a sea of modern and all white master baths, make a statement with a bold accent wall. If you’re gonna go-for-grand by throwing a free standing tub in between a double vanity, why not give it all the attention it deserves? These metallic indigo tiles are dripping in opulence. They’re practically daring you not to drop what you’re doing and jump into the porcelain surrounded soak that  awaits you. The floor to ceiling tile work brings the eye up to the vaulted ceiling and modern hanging light feature that we love in this luxury bathroom remodel. 


AHI Builders Bathroom Remodel in San Gabriel, CA

Some people love to have art in every room of their home, including the bathroom. While hanging framed wall art is not out of the norm, something a little more cool and different can be found in custom painted tiles. They can offer the same visual effect as wallpaper, without being wallpaper. These gorgeously crafted tiles with birds in nature are so complimentary to the jewel toned green tile chosen for the tub and shower combo. The natural wood vanity is the perfect foundation for the colorful backsplash to sit atop. 

The possibilities of making the bathroom one of the most beautiful in your home are endless. And in a space that we all must use, why not give it the thought and attention it deserves? We hope these bathroom remodeling designs have been inspiring for you to dive into creating your own private oasis!




By Tania Mahmoudpour