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Master Of Your Home: Master Bedroom Suite Renovations

It’s common to consider renovations for the purpose of increasing the function of your home. For this reason, bathrooms and kitchens hold the top spots for most popular renovations. We don’t often think about the bedroom because of necessity. But in this age of increasing chaos it’s important to consider creating a space of sanctuary for yourself and there’s no better place to do this than in the master bedroom. There are some do’s and don’ts pertaining to master bedroom renovations as it’s not just a matter of giving yourself more space. For some people there’s a need for...

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DIY Tips: Paint Like A Pro And Save Some Dough

If there’s one minor home renovation you can easily manage it’s painting. After all, you’ve been painting since you were a toddler. While this is a much bigger job than what fingers can handle, it’s still within the skill set of even the most novice DIY-er. That being said, there’s a little more to it than merely slapping a coat or two of paint on the walls. Here are some tips and tricks for results that will look like you hired a professional, but spend about half the cost. Timing Not where you thought this was going, did you?...

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Curating A Stunning Bathroom With Minimalist Design

Bathroom trends run the gamut of style in 2019. One element of bathroom trends is towards the spa. Perhaps this is a result of the ever intensifying news cycle, imminent threats on the environment and so on. Whatever the reason, people are looking to bring more comfort and relaxation to their lives and the bathroom is no exception. One way to bring a little more serenity to your life is by stripping it down to the essentials, that extends to your design style. Minimalist design does just that. By simplifying the style, you simplify the space and the stress...

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Kitchen Islands: Are They Right For You?

If there’s one element that just screams luxury in a kitchen, it’s the island feature. More space for working and storage with a little bar where you can eat or a friend can sit and chat with you while you cook. It’s the dream. But while kitchen islands are a dream, in some cases they are the impossible dream. Kitchen islands are great if you have the right kind of space for it. If you don’t, however, you’re not going to relish the reality. What Does Your Kitchen Need For An Island? Space. Lots and lots of space. It’s...

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Laundry Room Updates

The laundry room is probably the last room in your home you would think of renovating. It’s pretty much the bane of everyone’s existence. It is, as nostalgia fueled 30-somethings are realizing, the adult version of The Neverending Story. Just like the dishes. But while we’re all too ready to remodel our kitchen to something snazzy (after all, it produces happiness you can eat, so there’s that) giving the laundry room a much needed once over isn’t such a bad idea either. While bathrooms and kitchens have the highest return value on a renovation, laundry room renos can bring...

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