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Living For Living Coral

Every year Pantone color company releases a color of the year. It’s an embodiment of the energy and feeling of the year to come. 2018 saw the vividness of Ultra Violet, but 2019 is all about joviality and life. Living Coral is the color for 2019; chances are you’ve already seen this color featured in advertising, fashion, and design. How does it fit into your home, though? Well, sit back, relax, and read on about the very unique and wonderful ways you can implement this fabulous color of life and elation into your home. Go Big Or Go Home...

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Helpful Tips: Budgeting For A Renovation

There’s a lot that goes into budgeting in general. When it comes to budgeting for home renovations, it’s in a league of its own. Budgeting for renovations is the crucial first step to success for large home improvement projects. It doesn’t matter what type of renovation you’re gearing up for, your budget can make or break the whole enchilada. To avert disaster, follow these helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your renovation without the anxiety that comes with funding one. R&D The very first thing you want to do with any renovation is research. Simply...

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Living A Green Life In A Green House

Living in today’s world, there’s a certain sense of responsibility one must take in regards to the environment. You’ve undoubtedly switched to a sturdy, insulated water canteen and purchased thousands of reusable shopping bags to start on a small scale. On the bigger end of the spectrum, perhaps you’ve invested in upgrading your home’s energy systems by installing solar panels. All great places to start, and our gratitude to you for taking big leaps towards a green future. Here are a few more ways you too can cut down on waste and harmful practices in your home. Cleaning Supplies...

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Minor Bathroom Remodels Make A Major Difference

There’s a special kind of strategy that comes with planning your home improvements. Renovations take a lot of time and money that you won’t see a major return on until you sell your house. Because of this, there needs to be serious issues with the function of the room you’re renovating to justify the huge endeavor. Remodeling, on the other hand, can be done over a regular weekend. You can always change the color of your walls. New fixtures or accessories in any room can be added as the mood strikes. But if you want to take on a...

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Starter Home Flip Tips

Ah, the starter home. Every homeowner has one. They’re a great way to get used to all the trials and tribulations that await homeownership. Not only that, but they’re an excellent teacher for where and how to invest your money in your home. Obviously, you won’t want to spend all your savings or take out a loan or line of credit for improvements on your starter home; you’re not going to be there forever (hence the title starter home). That being said, it’s still worth investing in your starter home, especially as you start to plan your move into...

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