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To Do or Not To Do? That Is A Question And one you should take very seriously when considering a home remodel. It’s only natural that we crave a little change here and there. Renovating your home can improve the quality of your life as well as the efficiency and value of your home. But which home improvements are worth the money and effort and which are better left in the pictures of swanky magazines? While each room has its own set of rules, follow these general guidelines to make sure you’re getting into a reno that will give...

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DIY Cork Board: A Wistful Way To Use Your Wine Corks

Glass vases full of wine corks from crazy night’s past are a great way to “reuse” your corks. It’s a decorative way to recycle. Recycling is great, in all its forms. But once you start filling up vase number four, you may need to start looking for alternative ways to use those corks. Yes, you can go to any store and buy a cork board. But that’s boring. Zero Fun. Plus, it completely lacks personality and a certain je nais se quoi. You can make a personalized cork board for your kitchen or bedroom with a few materials and...

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Worth It: DIY vs. The Pros

Worth It: DIY vs. The Pros When it comes to updating your home, there are a lot of balls to keep up in the air. Budget being one of the most important makes every opportunity to save a dime or two is appealing to anyone. Or maybe you married (slash, are) a Frugal Lougal and think you can do almost any job as good or better than the professionals. And then when you’re painstakingly proved wrong, the cost to fix it can be way more than if you’d just consulted the pros from the get go. So what’s really...

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To Open Floor Plan Or Not To Open Floor Plan

That is indeed a question. One you may be pondering as you prepare for that much needed, or just desired, remodel in your future. If you’re building a home from scratch, it’s definitely something to consider. Open floor plans are all the rage these days, and for good reason. But don’t jump to that decision just yet because it may not be what’s right for you. On the other hand you have more fingers, and your house is already constructed you’re just giving it a makeover. In this case, the structure may or may not allow for an open...

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Buckle Up, Buttercup: Staying Sane During a Reno

Buckle Up, Buttercup: Staying Sane During a Reno You’ve cleared the first hurdle of the reno: research and planning. You’ve got the vision, you’ve got the budget, and you’ve got the team. Soon you get to move on to demolition and the real work begins. But before you do, consider a few things first: how will the presence of a crew of 10+ workers running in and out of your home for months on end affect your daily routine? What could possibly go wrong? Where will you seek refuge when the stress becomes unbearable? Literally anything can happen in...

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