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2020 Kitchen Trends We Love

All right, 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year so far, but if there’s one lesson that’s stood out to us, it’s how important it is to feel good at home. With so much more time being spent indoors, and not being able to dine out at a restaurant, our kitchens are definitely being put to good use. Whether you’re an experienced cook, or a newbie just figuring out how your oven works, having a beautiful and well functioning kitchen makes the experience of cooking so much more enjoyable. Here are some kitchen remodeling trends we’re seeing a lot of...

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Keeping your home safe and clean against Covid-19

During this outbreak, we’ve all learned and have been told about how covid-19 can stay and linger on surfaces for several hours, even days depending on the type. This is where cleaning and disinfecting your home becomes crucial and essential for keeping your home safe for your family. Let’s first address that the virus is easily passed from person to person transmission via the mouth or nose from droplets such as saliva, snot, or anything that secretes from an infected person. Is there a chance of becoming infected from a surface that’s contaminated? The chances of this being likely...

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  One of the first thought-of rooms that most people start with when they get the renovation bug is the bathroom. It can be small, but with great big potential. Bathroom remodels are an upgrade that will even raise your property value. Buyers want to see this update already done when searching to purchase, and on average you’ll recoup about 60% of your investment at resale. Nobody wants to walk into a bathroom with carpeting, a dingy yellow counter top, flamingo pink tiles, and a swan beveled plastic shower door. Not that there’s anything wrong with flamingo pink, if...

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WFH: Creating a Perfect Home Office

With the quarantine and nationwide stay at home orders, many of us have been working from home for the first time in our lives. And while it may be different and not for all, some of us might have even come to realize that it’s not so bad, and perhaps even more conducive to our productivity and overall happiness. If you’re working from home and want to create a dedicated and functioning space for yourself, read below for some suggestions on how you can have your own personal corner office, with a view: Pick a Spot For those who...

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Making A Grand Entrance: Entryway Inspiration

When folks talk about making a great first impression with your home, more often than not, you’ll be directed towards landscaping advice. Granted, it is what people see before any other part of the home, the fact remains that once they enter the door of your home, there’s one more chance to make a great first impression: the entryway. And let’s be real here, the entryway is all too often completely neglected. It doesn’t serve the same type of purpose as a kitchen or bathroom. Yet, at the same time, without a good entryway, your dining room table becomes...

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